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mallRL is a grocery shopping roguelike developed for the 7drl game jam.

Your goal is to buy every item from your shopping list.

The source code and development history is available on github: https://github.com/nmaehlmann/mallRL

The jam version was developed from monday 02.03.2020 to sunday 08.03.2020. The week before the jam I took some time to prepare the technical side, as I was developing the game from scratch without an engine using SDL2 and an ECS library. After my preparation I had the ECS library included, was able to read keyboard inputs and render tiles. On monday I started the jam with a tile that could be moved on screen.


mallRL_7drl_win64_2020_08_03.zip 5 MB


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For a game that can be completed in minutes, this is surprisingly fun to play! Is there no easter egg, like a second-hand market, hiding somewhere at the outskirts of the parking lot? :(