A downloadable game for Windows

Diskophoros (Greek: "Discus-Bearer") is a fast-paced local multiplayer fighting game. Face your friends in thrilling laser disc combat on ever changing procedurally generated maps. You can download the alpha version below and follow its development on twitter: @nmaehlmann


procedurally generated maps

local multiplayer for up to 4 players

various powerups

rebindable controls

an awesome soundtrack by BARCHboi and Graham Kartna

How to play:

Controls can be configured in game. Even though binding the controls to keyboard keys is possible, a controller for each player is strongly recommended. I've had most fun using the following bindings:

movement axis: move your character, aim, duck

jump: jump while ducking to fall through a platform

attack: throw your disc, press again to recall it

powerup: use a picked up powerup


Powerups, after being picked up, spawn an icon above your characters head. Some powerups can only be activate, when you carry or don't carry your disc. This is indicated by the icons opacity.

[] Comet Strike:
Throw your disc with high speed.

[] Laser Beam:
A deadly laser connects your character and your disc temporarily.

[] Quick Recall:
Your disc speeds up and returns to you, even passing through walls.

[] Invisibility:
You become temporarily invisible.

[] Teleport:
Your character and your disc swap places.

[] Rewind:
Your character is followed by a shadow of its past self. Activate to jump back to a former position.

[] Shield:
Temporarily blocks of your opponents discs.


While already playable, Diskophoros is still in alpha. If you find any bugs or have feedback, please let me know. Below is a technical FAQ. Click the arrows to expand:

Why do I get a message from the windows firewall?

The map generator runs as a local HTTP server (mapserver.exe). Since the server is accessed locally, you can decline this message and the game should still work. So far I have found no way to disable this message.

The game runs too fast.

This is an issue currently invastigated. If you have a monitor with a high framerate (for example 144Hz) try to lower the framerate to 60Hz.

I have trouble configuring my gamepads.

Try quitting Diskophoros, deleting config/controls.json, restarting Diskophoros and reconfiguring the gamepads. If you run into this issue, please drop me a message.


diskophoros_win64_alpha_2021_03_29.zip 168 MB

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Can you make build a version for Linux please? It would be really helpful!


I played it with a friend, the keyboard it was pretty hard but with a gamepad it was amazing. I liked a lot the different power ups and maps, and the visuals are really polished. Nice job ^^

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Thank you for the kind words! Yes keyboard is hard and it's definitely meant to be played with a gamepad!



Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it :)

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is one of the best free local multiplayer games I have played in a long time. The unique idea combined with the epic soundtrack and random powerups makes a super fun couch game! I would totally pay $9.99 for this if it was more polished.